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10 Things Men should know about Women


  1. We Cannot Live without Gossip: We know that all men already know this point. We are just making it more evident here that gossiping is one factor, majority of our conversations revolve around.
  2. We all have at least one Girlfriend that knows all our hidden secrets: Blame it onto our habit of not keeping a secret; we all have at least one girl friend who knows everything about us, from our food habits to bed. Yeah! You read it right.
  3. PMS is for real: Often is seen that men blame PMS for our mood-swings and hardly anyone know, that it is for real. women do get mood swings few days prior to their chums due to hormonal changes.
  4. Shopping is as essential to us as Sleeping is to you: Be it our bad moods or failure and busy lives or heaps of work, nothing can make us feel better than shopping. We call it ‘Retail Therapy’. Be it as mundane as spending on crockery and grocery, we just love the shopping bags coming home.
  5. Every woman loves Romance: Mushy songs, red roses, candle light dinners; yes, we love them all. We love romance and everything pretty. And no matter what age we are at, we would always love to be pampered and taken care of.
  6. We love when someone sends us a Greeting Card: Sound too much ‘old-school’ but a greeting card says more to us than what it is meant to. In this scenario where technology has taken over everything, we still have a strange affection for those colored pieces of paper full of emotions.
  7. The concept of “Fren-imies” is a real life scenario: You may want to call it being ‘two-faced’ but the truth is, we would never want to hurt any one of their face. You may find us bitching about ‘her’ almost all the time but don’t be surprised when we hold her hands while our shopping sprees together.
  8. We love Compliments, Chocolates and Flowers, and in that very order: Daddy’s little princess; that’s what we are and would always be. Who doesn’t like being treated like one? And gifts make us feel on top of the world. So guys, you now know which store to go, the next time you want to see that glowing smile on our faces.
  9. A new pair of shoes can actually make our lives better: If we have heels, we want flats, if we have flats, we need wedges, if we have wedges, we need slip-ons; and the list goes on. The fact is, no matter how many pairs we own, there is nothing like enough shoes for a girl. Call it recklessness or madness; for us, it is related to our emotional senses. No matter, what the problem is, the solution is always pair of new shoes.
  10. We love desserts but hate putting on weight: Researchers say that chocolate and sweets help dealing mood swings and we agree here. But the more the craving we have for desserts, the more we worry about calories intake. We might have to hit the gym more often but we would never miss a chance of eating our favorite ice-cream or cakes.

Rashi Gaur


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